WHY IT Works

I’d like to Introduce you to the Speed Iron! Brand New to the market! Never seen before or sold Anywhere except here on this site. The Speed Iron comes in 2 lengths to represent the Golf Iron (6 iron) and Driver, It also comes in different weights starting at 20 ounces and up tp 36 ounces or as heavy as needed. 36 oz. is plenty heavy for a golf training aid. The Speed Iron is a Weighted Workout Training Iron/Training Aid that Increases Swing SPEED, POWER and Accuracy in your shots like you would never believe! Gain 20-30 Yards in a week. With 3 Easy workouts, every other day and you’ll be going for Eagle and Birdies all day! Gain even more in 2-3 weeks!

The Speed Iron also helps to Fix a Slice. The Design and Weight of the Speed Iron does not allow you to get outside of the correct swing path, especially on the backswing. The speed Iron actually puts you on an inside Swing path to the ball and you will be hitting straight shots and draws.

The Speed Iron helps you swing with lots of Power through the ball and gets you through the ball with ease and very little resistance felt. The Speed Irons help build a lot of Strength in your Hands and Forearms! Along with making your Golf Grip Strong. This really helps a lot with the control of the club and the clubhead also by not letting it twist in your hands on off centered shots. or when the bottom of the golf club hits the uneven ground or the heal or toe hits first. No problem, Power right through with the Speed iron in your bag.

Why is the Speed Iron the Best Training Device? You ask. The way the clubhead or the bottom of the Speed Iron is designed, makes it feel like your swinging a real golf club. A lot more than any other golf swing trainer out there, The Iron length Speed Iron feels a lot like a real golf club iron,, The weight and design of the iron plates on the bottom or clubhead, match the outside of a iron or driver clubhead.

The Speed Iron is not designed to hit balls! Use only to workout with as a weighted training aid! You can workout at home or almost anywhere with the Speed Irons or you can workout on the range while hitting balls to improve your swing immediately. Only workout with them on off golf days. Then rest 24 hours before playing golf or working out again. Working out with the Speed iron and Swinging it 100-150 Repetitions per workout is like doing a forearm workout with real weights.

Working out with the Speed Iron is like lifting weights for golf and other Sports Swings such as the baseball/softball Swing, tennis. hockey and a lot of other sports that use the under forearm. The Speed Irons really Strengthens the Under Forearm! Which, if you think about it would also help in Power and Speed in throwing the baseball/softball, swinging a tennis racquet and even hitting a volleyball.

The Speed Iron weights start at 20 ounces and can go as heavy as needed although I believe 36 ounces is plenty heavy for anyone. The lighter weights are to Increase Swing Speed and the Heavier Speed irons are to build Power and gain more Control of their whole Swing and to help a lot of amateurs that need to slow down their swing speed and Gain Control of the clubhead through the ball. The Heavier Speed irons also help with Rhythm and Tempo along with transition at the top of your swing before your downswing.

For a lot of amateurs who swing too fast and out of control, you would be better off buying a heavier Speed Iron, instead of a lighter one. starting at 26 ounces or heavier for the ladies and seniors – 28 ounce and up for the men. After getting your swing under control for a few weeks and then try the lighter Speed irons to build back Speed to go with your Power.

The heavier Speed irons are also really good for working on a Perfect Swing Path and staying on the same plane. The heavy weight puts you in the perfect Swing Plane! You can add power with the heavier ones you will still be able to hit the ball a long ways. Then you can try the lighter Speed Irons to increase Swing Speed again after you gain good Control and Accuracy.